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Energy efficiency is no longer a luxury but a business imperative, and it begins with knowledge.  To effectively manage a building's energy consumption, property owners and managers need to understand not only how much energy they currently use, but how their building's energy performance compares to similar buildings.  With this knowledge in hand, businesses can make cost-effective decisions on how to improve a building's energy performance and ultimately its market value.  Boone Energy's Annual Benchmarking Service provides this knowledge, and more.

ENERGY STARTM Portfolio Manager is an energy management tool that allows tracking of energy and water consumption across a single building or an entire portfolio of buildings.  Portfolio Manager takes into account how a building uses data (space type, plug load, occupancy, weather and so on) and normalizes that data so it can be compared to statistical models of thousands of similar buildings across the United States.  This comparison allows an individual building's energy use intensity, and in most cases, an energy performance rating to be calculated.

More and more state and local governments are requiring commercial and industrial properties to be benchmarked on an annual basis and to provide the results for public disclosure.  San Francisco is one of the leading cities in this effort.  If you have commercial property in the Bay Area and would like help from a local company that specializes in energy benchmarking, then please contact Boone Energy and let us help you complete an ENERGY STAR compliant benchmark and submit all the paperwork necessary to comply with San Francisco Ordinance 101105.

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If you have commercial property in San Francisco and need to perform an energy benchmark, call Boone Energy because:

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